Drive direct bookings and elevate your

Booking Experience with RoomStay Hotel Booking Engine

Drive direct bookings and elevate your

Booking Experience with RoomStay Hotel Booking Engine

Revolutionize Your Hotel's

Online Revenue

When it comes to boosting your online bookings, having an efficient and captivating booking engine is crucial. RoomStay Booking Engine provides the perfect solution for hotels that are seeking easier ways to convert customers into paying guests.

With our feature-packed product, Hotels now have the ability to create their own optimized e-commerce checkout experience without any limitation from PMS providers.

What you'll get ?

More Direct Bookings

RoomStay Booking Engine offers hotels a direct booking platform that allows them to increase revenue by avoiding commissions charged by third-party booking sites.

With a user-friendly interface, guests can easily book their stay at your hotel, resulting in more bookings and increased revenue.

Enhanced Guest Experience

RoomStay Hotel Booking Engine enables hotels to provide a seamless booking experience for their guests. By offering an optimised checkout process, hotels can tailor the booking process to their specific needs and improve the guest experience.

This leads to more satisfied guests and potentially more repeat bookings in the future.

Easy Integrations

RoomStay Booking Engine is designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing website and Property Management System (PMS), making it easy for hotels to implement the solution.

The booking engine offers a range of features, including real-time availability, dynamic pricing, and secure payment processing.

Industry Trusted.

Industry Recommended.

These popular hotel brands are using RoomStay platform to maximise their hotel web direct bookings.

Industry Leading User Experience

RoomStay Booking Engine offers hotels an industry-leading experience, tailored specifically for hotels. With a modern interface and easy navigation process, reservation confirmation is only moments away – on desktop or mobile devices.

Optimized to maximize convenience and conversion across all platforms - RoomStay makes booking the perfect stay effortless.

We’re On the Same Page - Literally

RoomStay integrated solution uses ecommerce checkout optimisation strategies without your guests ever needing to leave your hotel site to complete their booking.

Show your Brand

The booking engine can be fully customized to match your hotel's branding, including logos, colors, and fonts. By incorporating your brand elements into the booking process, you can create a seamless and immersive experience that helps to build brand recognition and loyalty.

No Lost Data

The system ensures that all booking data is accurate and up-to-date, reducing the risk of errors and lost data. With RoomStay Booking Engine, hoteliers can access valuable data that can be used to make informed business decisions and optimize their operations. By leveraging the insights gained, hotels can improve their revenue management strategies and provide better guest experiences.


Unlike other booking platforms that may redirect guests to different domains or pop-ups, RoomStay keeps visitors on the hotel's brand website throughout the entire booking process. This helps to build trust with guests and reduces the risk of suspicion or hesitation that can arise from unfamiliar domains or pop-ups. By offering a consistent booking experience, hotels can increase guest confidence and drive more direct bookings.

Member Only Deals & Pricing

Prioritize members by offering competitive pricing to loyal guests who provide their details. Let members get the VIP treatment they deserve.

Creating customer retention loops that strengthen guest relationships with exclusive offers, deals and packages. With the future lockdown on 3rd party cookies this is also a strong acquisition funnel for future first-party targeting.  

A user who signs up to see member pricing will have a higher propensity to convert and will convert with a higher AOV

Secured Payment Gateway

PCI Data Security Standard compliance ensures that payments are processed in a safe and secure environment. This gives customers the assurance that their information is protected and their transactions are safe from fraud or misuse.

Not only does this benefit your customers, but it also reduces your liability risks and helps protect your business from potential legal repercussions. Giving customers this level of security helps establish an ongoing sense of confidence in your brand, leading to long-term customer loyalty.

Multi-Language and Local Currency

By offering a multi-language and local currency feature for your booking engine, you can open up your customer base to new markets around the world. This allows customers from different countries and cultures to comfortably transact in a language they know and using their own currency. Customers will be able to access all of the same features and services available on your website, regardless of language or location.

This will help expand your reach and create real opportunities for growth. Moreover, it demonstrates that you value diversity by catering to all customers with an easy, accessible booking experience.

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