Why RoomStay?

Increase Direct Booking Revenue up to 74% by Using RoomStay Hotel Booking Engine

Are you looking for a hotel booking engine that will increase your direct bookings? RoomStay can provide you with the perfect solution. Our hotel booking engine is highly customizable, so you can create a booking experience that meets your specific needs and goals. Our world-class UX ensures that your guests will have a smooth, user-friendly booking process and puts you on par with OTA’s booking experience.

Don’t Settle for off-the-shelf Solutions - Insist More

When hotels are buying software, they are often left with a limited range of off-the-shelf options. Most of the booking engine providers provide only set packages that may not meet all your hotel's individual needs and requirements. This can result in massive costs for integrations if this option is even available at all. 

RoomStay offers a highly customizable booking engine with API integration. API integration allows communication between RoomStay and your other hotel softwares.

At RoomStay, we understand how important it is to provide our customers with a seamless booking experience. We strive to create the best possible experience for hotel customers by continuously optimizing and adapting to their needs. Through constant AB testing, experimentation and research, we are able to present the best possible customer experience which increases the conversion rate of direct bookings.

92% increase
in revenue per session compared to standard booking solution

RoomStay Helps You to Own Your Customers

Data is valuable, we all know that. OTA’s don’t want to give out customer data to you which limits the possibilities of modern digital marketing. RoomStay helps you to build your own customer database which enables you to do data-based decisions and data-driven marketing campaigns.

With RoomStay's help, you can increase customer loyalty and acquire more customers by understanding their behaviour better. This will lead to higher ROIs from campaigns and greater success for your business.

10,000’s of extra data points collected
per day on user interactions which can be used for retargeting via marketing stack or behavioural analysis.

Unified and Secure Booking Experience

Your website and booking engine don't have to feel like two separate products. You can make them feel as one and let the data flow between both of them. With RoomStay booking engine, your customer never leaves your valuable brand website to do the booking. Transferring your customers to a separate popup or a completely different site or subdomain, can scare some users away.

Integrating your hotel booking engine with your hotel's brand website can help create an enhanced customer experience. Your customers will benefit from an easy-to-use, unified platform that can provide fast and convenient hotel bookings. By synchronizing data between the hotel website and hotel booking engine, you can ensure a seamless experience for users and ensure their satisfaction with every hotel booking.

Our promise to you
A responsive and customisable booking engine platform
An increase in conversion, direct bookings & revenue
A seamless user experience
Advanced eCommerce retail strategies
Comprehensive analytical insights and support
A dedicated team to support your hotel business