RoomStay FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a hotel booking engine?

A hotel booking engine is a specialised software integrated into hotel websites, enabling guests to secure reservations directly via the hotel's online platform. For hoteliers, it's a pivotal tool to manage room inventory, rates, and bookings. It also streamlines the checkout funnel, ensuring a smooth and efficient process for guests. This not only enhances direct bookings but also boosts revenues. RoomStay's hotel booking engine prioritizes an intuitive user experience, empowering hoteliers to maximize their online presence and optimize conversion rates.

Is RoomStay a booking engine?

Yes, RoomStay is a booking engine and much more. It's a direct booking platform packed with advanced features. RoomStay also serves as a guest portal software, ensuring an enhanced experience for guests from the moment they make a reservation to their actual stay at the hotel. RoomStay offers a comprehensive solution for hoteliers keen on amplifying both bookings and guest interactions.

Why do I need a custom booking engine?

A custom booking engine is a tailored solution designed specifically for your hotel's unique needs and branding. Unlike generic platforms, a customised engine can seamlessly integrate with your hotel's website design, ensuring a coherent and consistent user journey. The primary benefits are two-fold:

Increased Conversion Rates: With an intuitive interface tailored to your audience, potential guests encounter fewer barriers to completing their booking. This user-friendliness can significantly boost conversion rates.

Enhanced Revenue: Higher conversion rates naturally lead to increased direct bookings, which in turn bolsters revenue. Moreover, by providing a superior booking experience that resonates with your brand's ethos, guests are more likely to book directly rather than through third-party platforms.

A custom booking engine aligns with your hotel's brand identity and directly contributes to the bottom line by enhancing the guest booking experience and increasing direct reservations.

How do I integrate a booking engine into my website?

Integrating RoomStay's booking engine into your website is a straightforward process. We simply inject a snippet of code into your website. The setup is fast and user-friendly. RoomStay automatically pulls all the necessary data from your Property Management System (PMS) or your Channel Management System, eliminating the need for manual data entry or copying. This ensures that your booking engine reflects real-time availability and rates, making it both efficient and accurate for hoteliers and guests alike.

Why is the booking engine important?

The booking engine stands as a cornerstone of a hotel's online presence. It allows hoteliers to accept direct reservations through their official website, minimising the reliance on third-party platforms and the associated commissions. This direct channel often results in better profit margins. With a booking engine, hoteliers gain real-time control over room availability and rates. They can adjust their strategies based on market demand, ensuring optimal pricing at all times. Beyond the operational benefits, a seamless booking engine significantly elevates the guest experience. By offering an effortless and straightforward booking process, guests are more inclined to make a reservation, leading to improved conversion rates and revenue for the hotel.

Can you have a RoomStay booking engine on Wix site?

Yes, you certainly can. RoomStay can be seamlessly integrated into a Wix site, enabling hoteliers to leverage the power and simplicity of Wix while also offering guests a direct and efficient booking experience with RoomStay's booking engine. This combination ensures that hoteliers can maintain a strong online presence while maximising direct reservations and enhancing guest satisfaction.

Can you have a RoomStay booking engine on Squarespace site?

Absolutely. RoomStay can be effortlessly integrated into a Squarespace site. This allows hoteliers to benefit from Squarespace's elegant design options while providing guests with the direct and streamlined booking capabilities of RoomStay's engine. Such integration ensures that the hotel maintains a compelling online appearance while optimising direct bookings and improving the overall guest experience.

Can you have a RoomStay booking engine on Cendyn site?

Definitely. RoomStay can be smoothly integrated into a Cendyn site. This integration empowers hoteliers to utilize Cendyn's specialized hospitality marketing solutions in tandem with the direct and user-friendly booking functionalities of RoomStay's engine. By doing so, hoteliers can ensure they uphold a robust digital marketing strategy while simultaneously maximizing direct reservations and elevating the guest experience.