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Streamline Your Hotel Operations with RoomStay Integrations

In today's fast-paced and competitive hospitality industry, it's crucial to have technology systems that work together seamlessly. RoomStay understands this and has made it our mission to provide a hotel booking engine software that integrates with the technologies you use.

The hotel industry is full of disparate systems that don't talk to each other, leading to inefficient processes and a fragmented guest experience. With RoomStay, you can rest assured that all your technology will work together harmoniously, making your operations more efficient and your guests' experiences more memorable.

From Property Management Software to Payment Gateways, RoomStay integrates with the technology you already use and love. Our two-way APIs make it easy for data to flow between systems, giving you a comprehensive view of your hotel's operations and customer information. This allows you to make informed decisions, personalize guest experiences, and drive revenue.

At RoomStay, we know it's important for hotels to keep up with the times and offer guests a variety of different ways to pay. Digital wallets and alternative payment methods are increasingly popular so we’re excited to partner with PlanPay. PlanPay is a new payments platform giving people power over how they pay by allowing them to book hotels and experiences, and pay off in flexible instalments before they travel. This integration allows hotel customers to split the cost of their hotel stays over several weeks/months, making it easier to budget for their trips and making expensive vacations more accessible.
Say goodbye to disconnected booking journeys and hello to a seamless customer experience with RoomStays direct integration with the Synxis CRS system. Unlike the standard Synxis booking engine, our booking engine ensures that customers stay on the hotel’s website throughout the entire booking process, meaning a better customer experience, improved web conversion and better for website’s search engine optimisation. The RoomStay hotel booking engine integrates smoothly into the Synxis Central Reservation system meaning your staff don’t need to learn a new system, whilst also allowing customisation to match the look and feel of your hotel's brand. With improved data flow, hotels and marketers have access to more customer information to support decision-making and optimise their business. Offer your customers a convenient, secure, and brand-aligned booking experience with RoomStay.
RoomStay can integrate into Siteminder to flow you web direct bookings the same as your OTA and wholesale bookings. Our integration allows us to act as a distribution channel, connecting directly to your property management system (PMS) and distributing live rates via SiteMinder. This puts you on par with online travel agencies and gives you the tools you need to boost your web direct bookings and drive growth for your hotel.
Understand your customers better and improve your engagement strategies with RoomStay's direct integration with Salesforce. We feed user behaviour into Saleforce tools so you can better understand your customers. Our "Member Only Deals fence" also hooks data directly into Salesforce, providing you with valuable first-party data on new users who visit your site and existing customer behaviour from the moment they first interact with RoomStay. This data-driven approach to customer engagement will help you make informed decisions and drive growth for your hotel.
In the competitive world of online travel agencies, pricing plays a key role. RoomStay understands this and has partnered with Triptease to bring you the best in pricing accuracy and upselling capabilities. Our integration with Triptease leverages their cutting-edge price comparison bot, giving you the tools you need to compete against the big OTAs and win more direct bookings for your hotel.
Payment Gateways
RoomStay can provide seamless integration with popular payment gateway platforms including Stripe, Adyen, and Windcave. This allows hotels to process payments securely and efficiently, streamlining their operations and ensuring their guests have a seamless booking experience. With our integration, hotels can have peace of mind knowing their payments are handled with the highest security standards.
Custom Integrations
Our team of experts can tailor a solution that fits your unique needs and streamlines your processes. From integrating with your existing systems to developing custom features, we work with you to create a seamless and efficient workflow. Whether you need to integrate with a CRM, PMS, or any other platform, our custom integrations will empower you with the tools you need to boost your revenue, enhance your guest experience, and improve your overall performance.