Simplify and maximize

Direct Bookings with Roomstay RoomFinder

Simplify and maximize

Direct Bookings with RoomStay RoomFinder

Simplify Your Guests Journey from

Visitor to Booked

RoomStay is Founded by ex-OTA staff, and we know the importance of the booking wizard to OTAs. We have seen the testing on size, colour, placement and the difference it can make to user conversion and ultimately revenue.

We observed that most hotel websites hide their wizard behind a book now button or in some cases don't even get the user to provide their data selection until they are in the engine.

RoomFinder is carefully considered to drive user intent and revenue from both from a UX and UI perspective.

The RoomStay RoomFinder seamlessly integrates into your existing website to streamline the booking process and drives increased conversion and revenue for your hotel.

The result is simple, more data, more intent, resulting in increased direct bookings for your hotel.

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Recent Searches

Theres a digital theory that a customer must have 7 touchpoints before booking a travel stay. Our job in Roomstay is to ensure on that moment of truth when its time to book your user turns into a customer.

RoomStay Recent searches remembers your guests' previous searches, allowing them to easily access their preferred room type and amenities without having to start from scratch every time and we can plug it directly into your hotel website homepage.

This added feature saves your guests time and enhances their overall experience, making it more likely for them to convert in future bookings. With RoomStay RoomFinder, you're not just streamlining the booking process, but you're also providing a personalized and memorable online experience for your guests.

Customizable and Integrates with Your Existing Tools

RoomStay RoomFinder is designed to be customizable, allowing you to match its look and feel with your hotel's brand and website.

With its plug-and-play capabilities, it can easily integrate with your existing booking engine and data analytics stack, ensuring a seamless experience for you and your guests.

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