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Imagine if every time your guests visited your site, they were greeted with their past preferences, effortlessly guiding them back to their desired room type and special amenities. That's the magic of RoomStay's Recent Searches. It's like a digital concierge that remembers guest preferences, ensuring they don’t tread the same path twice.

And the best part? This intuitive feature integrates effortlessly right on your hotel website's homepage.

Benefits for Hoteliers

Speed Up the Booking Process

Guests can quickly view their recent searches and room rates, skipping the repetitive search steps

Enhance Guest Loyalty

Make your guests feel remembered and valued. A small gesture like this can result in repeat bookings.

Address the Seven Touchpoints Theory

They say it takes seven touchpoints before a travel stay booking. Ensure that each interaction counts, and when the moment of truth arrives, your user becomes a loyal customer.

Seamless Integration with RoomFinder

Our Recent Searches feature seamlessly integrates under the RoomStay RoomFinder widget. Once implemented, a section showcasing the guest's recent room searches will appear. No more starting from scratch every time!

A Personal Touch in a Digital World

It's more than just a feature. It's a commitment to understanding your guests' needs. By remembering their previous searches, you’re not just streamlining their booking process; you’re crafting a personalised, memorable online experience

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