8 Best Social Media Marketing Strategies for Hotels

Are you looking to improve your hotel's social media presence? Here are 8 effective strategies that will help you do just that.

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Social media is one of the most important marketing channels that hotels can use to build brand awareness, attract potential guests, and drive direct bookings to their websites.
This blog will provide you with the 8 best social media strategies that will help you promote your hotel better.
By learning about these strategies, you'll be able to target your audience more effectively and create a more powerful marketing strategy for your hotel.

What Is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is all about connecting with customers and building relationships in a way that is social. It's a great way to stay in touch with your guests and keep them updated on your hotel's latest happenings.

There are many different strategies that hotels can use for social media marketing, so find the one that best suits your business.

Make sure to allocate enough time and resources for a successful social media marketing campaign, as the channel is a powerful tool that can have a big impact on your hotel's growth.

How Significant Are Social Media Strategies for Hotels?

Hotels are constantly on the hunt for new customers and ways to increase brand awareness. Social media marketing can help in achieving these goals by attracting new customers, retaining current ones, and building brand awareness. 

It's worth being aware that typically email, SEO & Google Ads have long been seen as the only effective performance channels that are capable of driving bookings. 

By following our suggestions, you'll be able to optimize your social media efforts and achieve great results and thus position social media as a true performance channel for your hotel.

How to Develop a Social Media Strategy

Hotels are social media marketing gold mines - and not just because of the target market they can attract. By making use of social media platforms and various strategies, hotels can build a strong brand and connect with potential and current guests. 

Utilizing social media channels, targeted ads, and review sites, hotels can create content that is informative and engaging with the goal of producing revenue and bookings.

1. Define strong goals

Creating and following through with a content marketing strategy is key to success. Without set goals, it will be difficult to measure your progress or achievements.

Before starting any social media marketing campaign, make sure that you have a clear target market in mind.

Then use effective techniques to reach them with relevant and compelling content that engages them on an emotional level. 

Keep track of the social media channels you are using and adjust your strategies as needed based on the results - so you can continue growing visibility for your hotel. 

2. Interlink your social media pages

Interlinking social media pages is an essential part of a content marketing strategy. By doing this, you create a cohesive message and visual appeal that will help your audience connect with your brand more easily. 

When crafting effective call-to-actions, make sure to target the right audience on social media channels. For example, if you're promoting a special offer on your website blog, use calls-to-action designed for followers of your website's social media account (e.g., "get 10% off when you purchase online"). 

In addition to posting great content that resonates with your followers and promotes the values of your brand, using social channels to promote events or special offers can be very successful too. 

This way you not only keep customers engaged but also build up customer loyalty by instilling trust and confidence in them. 

3. Do cross-posting

Cross-posting your content on different social media platforms is an effective way of reaching a wider audience. By doing so, you keep users engaged and entertained, which ultimately leads to higher traffic and more conversions. 

When writing engaging blog posts or posting interesting images and videos, make sure that you target each relevant platform specifically so as to get the best results. 

4. Be consistent on social media

Being consistent when it comes to social media marketing is crucial for success. Not only should your posts be made on a regular basis, but you also need to keep track of the results and make necessary changes as and when required. 

While content marketing on social media can seem like an easy task, neglecting regular posting will eventually lead to dwindling followership and low engagement rates which are two key problems that impede growth in any social media platform. 

5. Take advantage of paid advertising

Some marketing strategies are more effective than others and it is important to take advantage of the best ones for your business. 

Paid advertising is one of the most powerful tools there is and should be used systematically throughout your marketing campaigns. 

Social media paid advertising offers a great way to reach your target market at a lower cost than other methods like television or print media. 

Being able to personalize marketing messages i.e. through remarketing ads appeals to people's sense of vanity as well as making them feel special - something that makes them more likely to act on what you've said.

The Best Social Media Strategies for Hotels

Hotels are increasingly relying on social media to reach potential guests and engage with them. By using social media marketing strategies, you can track the performance of your account and make necessary updates. 

Additionally, hashtags can help increase awareness and reach potential guests who might not know about your hotel yet. 

In order to create engaging content, it's important to focus on creating content that is relevant to your specific audience and makes them feel like they want to engage with your hotel. 

Furthermore, social media ads are an effective way to take that engagement & interest and move it towards conversions i.e. bookings & revenues. 

Ultimately, social media strategies for hotels are an effective way to build brand awareness, attract new customers, and promote your hotel online in a fun and engaging way. 

1. Facebook

  • Facebook ads are effective in attracting potential guests who have not yet visited your website.
  • By connecting with potential customers and building relationships, you can reach out to them in ways that aren't possible on other social media platforms.
  • Use live chats, polls, and other interactive features to keep your guests engaged!
  • Always make sure to post regular updates so that your followers always have something new to read! 

2. Instagram

Instagram is an effective social media platform for hotels to connect with their target audience. It has an engaged audience, which makes it an ideal platform for promoting hotel services. 

Reels have really taken off in the last 12 months and the opportunities to drive organic engagement through this form of content are significant. 

Another effective use of Instagram is by using Stories - this feature allows you to share multiple photos in one post and add captions that make your content more interesting and engaging. 

Furthermore, hashtags are essential when marketing on Instagram as they help you identify related content that your followers might be interested in. You can also keep track of the latest hotel trends by using relevant hashtags too. 

3. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the most popular social media platforms for professionals. It's great for connecting with hotel industry leaders and others in the industry, as well as getting valuable insights and ideas to help you run your business better. 

There are a number of ways you can use LinkedIn to promote your hotel business. Perhaps your top strategy is to share interesting articles or blog posts that will get guests talking. 

You could also join relevant groups and contribute content, grow your network, and learn from other hospitality entrepreneurs. 

4. YouTube

YouTube is an excellent way to showcase your hotel in a creative and engaging way through the use of video content. 

By using the editor, you can create high-quality video content that will grab attention. You can use them to showcase your facilities, services, and amenities in an easy-to-consume way. 

Additionally, video marketing is one of the best ways to show off your hotel's appeal and attract potential guests. 

5. Pinterest

Pinterest is a great way to get creative and showcase interesting content from your hotel.

By using Idea Pins (which are a little similar to Instagram Reels) that are visually appealing and informative, you can boost awareness around not only your hotel but also your Instagram page. 

Additionally, be sure to monitor how well your Idea Pins are performing so you can tweak new content as you post them. 

In addition to Idea Pins, standard Pins still have their place when marketing your hotel on Pinterest as they are effective in driving traffic to your website. 

In this context, if you use Pinterest as a search engine where you optimise your titles & description for terms that people are using on the platform, then you will put yourself in a position to acquire a high volume of people who are interested in staying in your hotel. 

6. TikTok

Somewhat of a new social media network, TikTok is certainly having its time, and hotels need to take advantage of that to ensure they can drive some serious brand awareness. 

Short form video is still very much an effective form of content and you can repurpose videos from other platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest, and place them on TikTok. 

At the very least, this allows you to save time on producing original content on social media and ensures you can scale your social media strategy. 

Secondly, it will help you test certain types of content. Just because it does well as an Instagram Reel or Idea Pin on Pinterest, doesn't necessarily mean it will do well on TikTok. Test and learn, and see what you can come up with! 

7. Influencer Marketing

Influencers play an important role in content marketing and connecting with them can enhance your social media marketing strategy manifold. 

By using their social media platforms to connect with potential followers, you are also reaching out to a wider audience that will be much more likely to take action based on what they see. 

Moreover, influencer relationships can go beyond just sharing information or their experience when staying in your hotel. 

Sometimes influencers may offer endorsements or advice that helps you better understand your target audience or the hotel industry in general. 

Finally, you can use their content across a number of your social media networks as well as use them in social media ads to drive further bookings and revenue. 


Social media marketing for hotels can be made a lot easier by using TripAdvisor. This website helps to improve customer relationship management, achieve visibility through positive reviews, and attract guests in the right way. 

Similar to utilising influencer experiences and content in your social media content & ads, you can do the same with TripAdvisor reviews and drive further bookings and revenue. 

We'd deem this as a form of user-generated content that has real firepower behind it because they've already stayed at your hotel. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some common mistakes that hotels make when using social media marketing?

One common mistake that hotels make when using social media marketing is to focus too much on marketing their brand rather than marketing their specific hotel location or service. 

Another mistake hotels make is failing to create engaging content that followers will want to share with their followers, which can lead to a decrease in followers and social media engagement. 

Finally, and possibly the most costly mistake made given the investment, is that hotels don't focus on creating a full stack social media ad campaign that delivers messages & content based on where the prospect is in the sales funnel. 

Facebook ads aren't a silver bullet and won't drive bookings from day one. But when done correctly, they can create context and familiarity, which will decrease ad costs and increase ad delivery. 

How can hoteliers track their social media campaigns and measure their success? 

Several social media marketing tools are available to hoteliers to track their social media campaigns and measure their success. 

Some popular social media marketing tools include Hootsuite, Facebook Insights, and Google Analytics, as well as Facebook Business Manager for ad campaigns. 


In this blog, we have highlighted some of the best social media strategies for hotels and which platforms we think you can utilise to ensure success for yours. 

While no single social media strategy will work for every hotel, using a mix of strategies and tactics is often the most successful & effective way to reach your target audience. 

Make sure you research which platforms are popular with your target market before starting your campaign, so that you can create content & ads that resonate with them and increase the chances of converting traffic & engagement into bookings & revenue.