The Best Converting Hotel Booking Engine
Increase Direct Booking Revenue up to 74% by using RoomStay Hotel Booking Engine.

Are you looking for a hotel booking engine that will increase your direct bookings? RoomStay can provide you with the perfect solution. Our hotel booking engine is highly customizable, so you can create a booking experience that meets your specific needs and goals.

Our world-class UX ensures that your guests will have a seamless booking experience and puts your hotel on par with OTA’s booking systems.

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RoomStay Helps You to Own Your Customers

RoomStay Helps You to Own Your Customers

Increase Conversion

Convert your web visitors into hotel guests with a seamless booking experience. Our fully responsive and customisable platform caters to your hotel’s goals and growing needs as well as what’s best for your customers.

Boost Direct Bookings

Drive more direct bookings with customisable value added benefits, perks, free breakfast and last-minute offers.

Reduce Website

Increase conversions on-site with seamless booking experience for your guests knowing they never have to leave your site.

Giving them real-time visibility on room rates and availability.

Secured Payment Gateway

Build loyalty and confidence for your hotel by giving your customers a secured payment environment that is PCI Data Security Standard compliant.

Secured Multi-Language and Local Currency Feature

Allow your customers to translate the booking engine to speak their language and transact using their currency. With our multi-language and local currency feature, you can increase your customer base globally.

Exclusive Hotel Member Deals

Prioritize members by offering competitive pricing to loyal guests who provide their details. Let members get the VIP treatment they deserve.

Create customer retention loops and strengthen guest relationships with exclusive offers, deals and packages.

Don’t Settle for off-the-shelf Solutions Insist on More

Don’t Settle for
off-the-shelf Solutions Insist on More


A Unified and Secure Booking Experience

Your website and booking engine feel as one. Data flows between them.


Own Your
Valuable Data

Build your own customer database to make data-based decisions.


Technology Systems Working Together

RoomStay integrates with the technologies you already use and love.


Streamline Your Hotel Operations with RoomStay Integrations

In today's fast-paced and competitive travel industry, it's crucial to be at the forefront of technology and digital experiences, and that’s why RoomStay’s hotel booking engine leads seamless technology integrations and accommodates the growing needs of hotels.

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