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Boost Revenue With Strategic Add-Ons

Upselling & Cross-Selling

Elevate Your Profits with Optimized Upselling Techniques

As a hotelier, you know that every booking is an opportunity—an opportunity not just for a room stay but to offer an enriching guest experience. With RoomStay, that potential is fully realised. Our platform doesn't merely streamline room bookings; it transforms them into comprehensive experiences.

Whether you're looking to upsell spa treatments, valet parking, champagne on arrival, F&B vouchers, unique local experiences, or anything else you offer, RoomStay makes it effortlessly possible. And if one of your properties is at capacity? RoomStay adeptly cross-sells to another of your properties or affiliated establishments, ensuring that every guest is catered for and every revenue opportunity is captured.

The Advantages of RoomStay Approach

Holistic Experiences

Boost your Average Order Value by seamlessly introducing guests to luxurious add-ons, transforming a simple booking into a lavish stay filled with extra amenities and experiences

Data-Driven Upselling

Gain invaluable insights by tracking which rooms are frequently upgraded and identify the amenities guests favour. This data empowers hotels to tailor their upselling strategies for maximum impact

Seamless Cross-Selling

Should your primary property be booked solid, RoomStay's feature effortlessly redirects guests to affiliated hotels, ensuring you retain potential revenue and guests find their perfect stay

Tackling the Traditional Upselling Challenge

Platforms like Synxis may present upsell options, but often these opportunities are missed in the final rush of confirming a booking. We've innovated the process by strategically repositioning and testing upsell placements, ensuring guests pause to consider these premium add-ons before confirming their reservation.

Transform Bookings into Luxurious Adventures

RoomStay Upselling & Cross-Selling features aren't just about filling rooms; it's about maximising revenue and guest satisfaction with every booking. By offering more than just a bed, you're guaranteeing guests will come back for the experience time and time again.

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