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Immediate Room Rates, Direct on Your Site

Live Pricing

Reimagining the Digital Journey in Hotel Industry

For far too long, the hotel industry has functioned within a fragmented digital ecosystem. The distinction between a booking engine and a hotel's website has traditionally been seen as two separate entities. This very distinction, seemingly innocuous, has become a crucial leakage point, often driving potential guests straight into the arms of OTAs.

At RoomStay, we challenge this outdated narrative.

Why Live Pricing?

Unified Digital Presence

By integrating live room pricing directly onto your website, we dissolve the barriers that have traditionally segmented the guest's booking journey. This seamless experience increases the chances of direct bookings

A Stand Against OTAs

Each time a potential guest leaves your website for clearer pricing information, there's a risk they might never return, instead completing their booking through an OTA. Our Live Pricing feature dramatically reduces this risk, keeping guests engaged on your platform

A Clearer, Direct Booking Path

Live Pricing ensures that guests see real-time room pricing without navigating away, offering clarity, and reducing decision-making time. This intuitive experience encourages faster booking decisions

Welcome to the Future with RoomStay Live Pricing

It's time to modernize your hotel's digital presence. With Live Pricing, RoomStay isn't just offering a feature; we're reshaping the very foundation of the hotel industry's online booking approach. Embrace this innovative change, reduce customer leakage, and drive more direct bookings with unparalleled transparency.

Join the Direct Booking Revolution with RoomStay

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